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Hello There!

Who are we

At Bhetey, we believe that there is a better way for talents to interact, make an impact and evolve. A more valuable, less invasive way with more focus on what really matters where talents can have a say, help each other, develop and be spotted for their efforts rather than the boring classroom activities where they feel intimated about what others might think when sharing their views.

Why we do this

We at Bhetey we are students like you. We know how expensive it is to gain new skills or knowledge, or is it the time wasted when you wish you could ask someone around but do not who to ask, or is it the time where you are looking for a job where you send your resume and have to wait for months for some internal company process ?

Time is of the essence. We all have been there before, that is why talents like you and I have come to gather to create a community where talents look out for each other. New skills do not have to be expensive nor should get a job to be cumbersome. Talents collaboration should be with ease and fun because we believe that the way to learn, impact and evolve is enjoying what you do. We are keen on revolution through your collective creativity, abilities and authenticity

Our Core Values

Talent First

We believe in every talent. Every talent has its voice. Talent success is the hearbeat of what we do.

Learn Impact Evolve

Every one has something unique to them. You are who you are. We know that one talent uniqueness can bring to life another's authenticity. We aim to enhance your talent and impact others

Keen on revolution

Every talent is important for revolution. We are passionate about inflaming the artistry in every talent. It starts with you.


Our Promise

to connect various talents to learn and share, inflame their artistry to make impact, and positively evolve others to achieving a better success

Meet Team Awesome

Damilola Omifare

Founder & Lead Product Engineer

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Oluwatosin Fabusuyi

Project Manager

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Oluwafeyikemi Adeboye

Business Analyst & Actuary

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Diana Afonso Gil

Full Stack Developer

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Savio Azambuja

Product & Graphic Design